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Who are we?

Get to know the basics about the church. What do we believe? What is our purpose? Getting to know who we are will help you make a decision on where you want to attend church.

New to Greater Works Church?

Before joining the church, you must know a little bit about us. What we stand for, how we operate, and how to become a congregant (member).

Service Times

Check out our service times. We also have a weekly podcast known as How Great God Is. We hope you will partake in a service with us soon.

Get Involved

By being a member of the church, you will not only learn the truth of God’s word, but you will have many opportunities to demonstrate His word through service. We encourage you to get involved with the church.

Live Online

We understand that it cost money to run a church, but we cannot continue to spread of gospel of Jesus Christ through love and service without your help. We don’t believe that tithing a concept of the church today because Christ didn’t command us to do so in the New Testament. Therefore a tenth of your income is not required. In fact, we encourage you to ask God in your heart how much you should give because we cannot be bound by the law of tithing but the freedom to give as the Lord bless us. 

Give as the Lord have given unto you!

Help us help others

Why Choose Us?

No Judgement

We are not here to judge you based on who you are or what you are? Come with whatever you are and God will take care of the rest. We are here to love you and serve you. While we do uphold a divine standard, we will not used that standard to condemn anyone. Everyone have a voice and a talent. We will make sure you are supported.

We tell the truth

We preach and teach the truth of the Word of God in love. Love is more than just support. It means keeping you on the right path of Jesus Christ. It's our command by God to proclaim the word as He has given to the apostles. We speak the truth in love. We are slow to anger and quick to listen.

We demonstrate the love of Christ

Love is defined by God and not by man. Therefore, we out act the same type of love that God have for us. Love is support, correction, engagement, encouragement, and inspiration. When you are here, you are loved by everyone

We are for real

The church and Christianity these days have gotten a bad rap because they are people in the body of Christ that are not following the ways of Christ. More and more people are leaving the church and Christianity, but we have an opportunity to bring them back by showing them the truth love of God. That can only be achieve by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us.

You are not required to tithe

We know that tithing is no applicable to the church because Jesus never commanded us to give a tenth of a income in the New Testament. We do, however, encourage everyone to pray and ask God how much we should give. Don't allow pastors and ministers scare you into doing something that's not require of us today. Give generously as the Lord has given to you.

We live to serve

Service and outreach is in our veins. We love to serve others. Not for show or praise. God commands us to serve others, to give, and to reach others. Most of the time, churches only service their members and not the community the church is located at. That is unscriptural. If you need help, whether you are member of the church or not, we got your back. You can come to us for assistance.

Worship with us